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Nutrigenomics — Personalized Nutrition for the 21st Century

Nutrigenomics is a personalized nutrition approach that supports your health according to your own unique genetic profile and variations or SNPs.

Having a genetic SNP does not necessarily result in suboptimal health. The SNP has to first be activated or turned on. And, only some SNPs are clinically relevant.

Many things in your environment can trigger a SNP, such as your nutrition, infections, environmental toxins, stress, pregnancy, to name a few.

Nutrigenomics focuses on how foods and food constituents can affect the expression of your genes.

Here are some strategies used in Nutrigenomics:

  • nutritional support to help to boost the function of a less efficient gene
  • providing specific nutrients to support an upregulated gene, or
  • supporting your body by addressing the nutritional requirements of alternate pathways that are functioning normally.

PureGenomics™ Program – Focus on Genes in the Methylation Pathway

I work with the PureGenomics™ nutrigenomics program, a unique individualized nutritional solution developed by Pure Encapsulations, in collaboration with Nathan Morris, M.D. and Kelly Heim, Ph.D.

PureGenomics, addresses the most important research-based Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs or unique variations) in the methylation pathway that can be supported with nutrition and nutrition supplements. This includes the two MTHFR SNPs and six others.

Since more than 50% of the population have one or more key methylation SNPs, this approach can help many people.

Why Is Methylation So Key to Good Health?

Methylation is foundational for your body – for neuroprotection, emotional wellness, cognition, detoxification, cellular protection, cardiovascular health, and more.

Methylation requires a variety of nutrients and plays indispensible roles in:

  • neurotransmitter production
  • hormone detoxification
  • amino acid production
  • ability to utilize and assimilate vitamins
  • homocysteine clearance
  • cell membrane structure
  • DNA synthesis and gene regulation

There are 3 Easy Steps to Participate in the PureGenomics™ Program

Here’s how the PureGenomics program works:

1. TEST for nutritionally relevant SNPs with saliva-based personal genome analysis kits by 23andMe, a personal genomics and biotechnology company.

2. TRANSLATE results to nutritional recommendations with an innovative web application designed by Pure Encapsulations.

3. TARGET with personalized nutritional support. Pure Encapsulations PureGenomics platform of products supports the methylation pathway with targeted ingredients at clinically relevant doses, and in clinically relevant forms.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about, or participating in PureGenomics, the nutrigenomics program, from Pure Encapsulations.

You can shop for the PureGenomics nutrition supplements  and a PureGenomics Nutrition Consultation in my store.

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Additional Nutrigenomics Offerings: I also offer Nutrition Counseling using other genetic reports that examine a more extensive profile of genes. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

More About Nutrigenomics

From Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine, of which I am a member:

“As genetic science moves forward with lightning-fast speed, researchers have begun to understand that while certain individuals have genetic predispositions to developing certain diseases, the diseases may not actually occur.

Why do some genetically-predisposed people get sick, while others do not?

In many cases, some component of diet triggers, enhances, or suppresses certain gene interactions.

Some dietary factors lead to increased protection from disease in susceptible individuals, while other dietary factors lead to increased risk of disease.

Nutrigenomics concentrates on the impact of diet and lifestyle factors, such as food, nutrition, stress, and toxins on gene expression.”

Nutrigenomics is in Its Infancy

It is estimated by the Human Genome Project that there are about 20,000 protein coding genes, most of which we understand very little or nothing about.

With further development of science and research, the number of genes we can nutritionally support for enhanced health continues to grow.


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