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Test Your Genes to Find Your Best Diet, says WSJ

Test Your Genes to Find Your Best Diet, says WSJ

Now even the Wall Street Journal* is “talking” about Nutrigenomics — using the information in your genetic profile to determine your unique nutrition needs! It’s all about genes and nutrition.

In my practice I look at research-based SNPs (genetic variations) of a set of genes in the methylation pathway that can be supported with specific foods and nutrition supplements. In this way I use Nutrigenomics to design a personalized food and nutrition plan that supports their health and gene expression.

Did you know that more than 50% of the population have one or more key methylation SNPs?

Methylation is indispensible for your body for:

  • creation of all new cells (DNA synthesis)
  • homocysteine clearance
  • neurotransmitter production
  • hormone detoxification
  • amino acid production
  • utilization and assimilation of vitamins
  • gene regulation.

I also look at SNPs that can potentially affect a person’s ability to absorb and utilize vitamins, like vitamin A, D and folate.

You can read more about how I do Nutrigenomic assessments (and what other clues I look at) to customize nutrition strategies.

Most of my clients use the mail-in, at-home saliva testing kit 23andme ($199) to get their genetic sample. Your genetic profile never changes throughout your life, so as researchers discover new relationships between genes and nutrition, I can delve deeper into personalizing nutrition for my clients.

Watch for more updates about genes and nutrition — this is the beginning of an amazing new field.

*Article in Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2016.

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