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Coronavirus – Can Nutrition Help Protect You?

Coronavirus – Can Nutrition Help Protect You?

Good hygiene and hand scrubbing with soap is the commonsense first line of defense against coronavirus (COVID-19 infection).

But, nutritionally speaking, is there anything you can do to protect yourself against coronavirus?

In my view, for coronavirus as well as for other infections, using nutrition and healthy lifestyle are the best ways to support your immune system and build up your resistance.

In response to many inquiries, I now offer Telenutrition Info Session for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support.

Medical professionals believe that there are nutritional approaches to support a balanced immune system, protect against COVID-19 and to mediate symptoms.


Eat an anti-inflammatory Mediterranean Diet.
Load your plate with colorful vegetables and fruit rich in antioxidants, organic, if possible. Complement with wild fish, antibiotic-free poultry, pastured eggs and grass-fed meat. Healthy fats like organic cold pressed olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado provide good nutrition. Limit processed foods and carbohydrates, limit added sugar and moderate caffeine and alcoholic beverages.

Maintain a healthy gut barrier.
Maintaining a healthy gut barrier and microbiome with diverse keystone strains is a first line of defense against all types of foreign invaders, including viruses. A balanced and healthy microbiome tamps down inflammation and maintains a strong gut barrier, keeping invaders from entering the bloodstream through the gut and eliciting an immune response. I use the total gut restoration program with many of my clients to help reestablish good gut health.

Support your respiratory system.
Since the coronavirus spreads through the respiratory system I suggest special attention to lung-supportive foods including carotene-rich foods (orange, yellow, red, dark green colored fruit and vegetables) and vitamin A-rich foods like organ meats, fatty fish and eggs.

You might also consider some supplements like boswellia (boswellia helps reduce inflammation in the body including respiratory and digestive tracts) or N-acetylcysteine (antioxidant and support for chronic respiratory conditions).

Support your immune system with adequate vitamins and minerals and other supplements like medicinal mushrooms.
Make sure you are getting enough vitamin D3 through your diet, supplements and sunlight (optimal blood levels 50-80 ng/ml). Vitamin C and zinc are also very important for your immune health. You might consider a good foundational multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement.

Edible mushrooms (especially cooked) as well as medicinal mushrooms such as MyCommunity and Turkey Tail are very supportive of the immune system. A polysaccharide found in mushroom cell walls, beta glucans, has been clinically studied for its immune modulation benefits. 

Practice an immune strengthening lifestyle.
Get enough sleep, reduce stress (keep the worry in perspective), exercise regularly, stay connected to people (even virtually) and get out into nature (with a healthy amount of sunlight) as much as you can.

If you are still worried about the coronavirus, carry disposable wipes to use on surfaces in public areas. Just for now, you might want to avoid hugs and hand shakes with people other than your immediate family and opt for smaller gatherings.


More tips on how you can support your immune system.

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