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Double Helix Water Enhances Athletic Performance

Double Helix Water Enhances Athletic Performance

I’d like to share this newsletter from Double Helix Water (DHW) with testimonials from competitive athletes training with the product. They found that using DHW increased their energy levels and endurance as well as shortened recovery times and reduced muscle pain after heavy workout.

Double Helix Water is usually used in order to improve health or reduce inflammation, there is however another area of application that is not frequently discussed, athletic performance.
Similar to other areas of application, Double Helix Water gets some quite startling and almost unbelievable results in terms of increased performance, recovery and endurance.
While the exact mechanism at work are not fully understood yet, the results are nevertheless impressive. Reduction of inflammation can not possibly be the only answer when talking about performance. To improve performance more energy needs to be available.  Either the cells become more efficient at using available energy, or energy is more easily created.
Whatever the exact mechanism at work, what we can measure is race finishing times and recovery times after workout.

This was tested by numerous athletes so we wanted to share some of the results. Lets start the ultra endurance category Race Across America.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Race Across America, It is undoubtedly the world’s toughest bicycle race.  Its total length, 3000 miles. It is a third longer than Europe’s longest endurance event, Tour de France, and unlike the Tour de France, Race Across America is done in one stage, start to finish. Tour de France is done in 21 stages with rest in between. Tour de France is done over 3 weeks, while Race Across America is done in about 7 to 12 days depending on the rider or team.   Only about half the people starting the Race Across America are able to complete the race.
A top-level fitness coach in the master’s category (age 60 and up in this event) participated in this race while testing Double Helix Water as a performance enhancer. The results are nothing short of spectacular. In his own words:

“Thank you for supporting me in my Race Across America Team Honor Warriors event! I also want to give you feedback on my experience during the race using the Double Helix Water.

On the first two and half days through the California, Arizona and Utah desert, temperatures ranged from 114-degree high’s to 40 degree low’s. The desert is always a major obstacle for many of the riders and is usually the place where most drop out due to the intense heat and terrain. Even while crossing Kansas, the temperatures were 108-110 degrees.
Working on little to no sleep for the 3,000 + mile crossing also presents more stress for the body to deal with.

My protocol for using Double Helix Water was to take 4 bottles on the first two days then 3 bottles per day for the remaining 6 days.
I am pleased to report that I never experienced sore muscles or cramps of any kind during the 8 plus days of effort!

I have used double helix water for many years to help with inflammation and speeding up the recovery process, always with exceptional results! I highly recommend Double Helix Water to my clients and will continue to use it for myself! Thanks again for your support and for following my team’s progress as we crossed the U.S.”
 –B. R.
Bicycling 3000 miles in 8 days without sore muscles or cramps is unheard of and quite frankly should be impossible!  Yet this is far from the only report we have in this sector.

Another athlete partaking in another grueling endurance event upwards of 50 miles a day mountain biking reported similar results when using Double Helix Water as well as a 20 percent increase in performance, measured through power meters and heart rate while on the bike and moving up to podium placement every day during the 6 day event. Double Helix Water took him from non-competitive to highly competitive, in his own words:
‘In brief, during 2017 my zone 3 15 minute power peaked in June at around 265-270 watts. During the race, when I began taking eight bottles a day, my power surged dramatically over the course of the week eventually hitting 335 watts at low zone 3/high zone 2. This year, like last year, my power once again peaked in June, but at 335 watts for a 15 minute zone 3 interval, but this happened while training with Double Helix Water. The race results speak for themselves.

Last year I began the week as what we refer to as “pack fodder”, i.e., not competitive, near the back of the pack. By stage 5 I was able to finish 5th which was my highest individual placing. This year, I podiumed 5 out of 6 days with four 2nd place finishes and one 3rd. Stage 3 was my Achilles heel both years. Last year my cranks literally fell of my bike at the start costing me 90 minutes and this year I suffered multiple flats costing me 45 minutes. I would have easily finished 2nd this year in category were it not for the stage 3 delays.” B.H.

Two female professional runners who used Double Helix Water stated the following:
“My body has always been sensitive to water quality. For instance, I have trouble absorbing enough water to stay hydrated when drinking carbonated water. With the Double Helix Water, I find I can maintain a high level of hydration even while training at Dry Climates (Mammoth Lakes, San Diego, Summer in Tuscany). Part way through the summer I began a new regiment with the Double Helix Water Drops, as well as using the Double Helix Cream. During a period of two and a half months I took 15-20 drops before and after training, as well as before bed (up to five times per day).
During this time I noticed an immediate positive change in performance, as well as how my body felt during training. I believe my recovery was shorter and I kept a very good level of hydration despite the hot temperatures and heavy training load.”   A. P.  — Three time U.S.A. Olympian and national champion.
“Taking the Double Helix water has been a part of my daily routine for the past six months. After recovering from an injury that forced me out of the 2012 US Olympic Trails I’m back in top form. As I’ve worked back into shape over the past months I’ve been feeling great and recovering from hard training as quickly as I was 10 years ago.

As a 38 year old professional runner I’m routinely competing against athletes 10 to 15 years my junior so it feels great to feel youthful and competitive again.”
   J. R. — Three time U.S.A.Olympian.

To Summarize, the most common feedback from athletes are:
  • Increased energy levels.
  • Increased endurance.
  • Shorter recovery times after heavy work out.
  • Reduced muscle pain after heavy workout.
  • Able to train intensely more frequently.
  • Reduced recovery time after injuries or surgery.
What the future may hold in terms of athletics and sports is unclear, but if the above results are an indication of what is possible with Double Helix Water, it is quite possible that new records will be set as athletes are able to push through to new levels of performance not possible without the aid of Double Helix Water.  Peak performance can now be raised with an entirely natural product.
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