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Double Helix Water & Inflammation

Scientific research studies and clinical results have demonstrated that Double Helix Water reduces muscle and joint inflammation, improves post-exercise muscle recovery, and decreases the frequency of headaches.

I also have my own personal experience with the anti-inflammatory effects of Double Helix Water stable water clusters.

In my case, a protocol of this slightly polarized helical water dramatically reduced my body aches and pain and virtually eliminated my migraine headaches.

Double Helix Water Works Like Acupuncture

Scientists, like Dr. Shui Yin Lo of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA, believe that Double Helix Water reduces inflammation in a similar way to acupuncture.

Double Helix Water and acupuncture are both believed to repair the meridian system, bypassing blocked or misaligned meridians, and therefore enabling Qi (healthy energy) to flow smoothly. Acupuncture is currently widely accepted as a complementary treatment for inflammation and inflammatory diseases.

Thermal Imaging Shows Double Helix Water Reduces the Body’s Inflammation

Thermographic images, which show thermal patterns and variations in body temperature, have been important objective measures of pre- and post- Double Helix Water treatments.

It is believed that the origin of the hot lines (meridians) and hot spots (acupoints) that are visible in thermal images are due to the inflammation of the organs, tissues, and joints along the meridians.

Thousands of thermal images, recorded before and after taking Double Helix Water for various periods of time, have overwhelmingly shown a decrease in inflammation.

I hope to add more images, studies and data to this website, but to start, the graphic below shows my personal pre- and post- DHW thermograms.

Before and After Double Helix Water

Click image to enlarge

Key to Interpreting Thermograms: White is hottest, then red, orange, yellow; green is usually the most desirable.


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