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My Daily Regimen & Results


Key Meridian Points

My Personal Experience with Double Helix Water Stable Water Clusters

I had tried “everything” to help alleviate my migraines, neck pain and sore acupoints — physical therapy, chiropracty, massage, medication, acupuncture…

I think it’s common for people to try something new and perhaps “out of the box” when more conventional treatments have not provided sustained relief. That’s why I tried Double Helix Water, especially when I knew there would be no side effects.

In 2012, when I began taking Double Helix Water, I began by taking 3 drops of DHW in distilled water, twice a day. I also used the Double Helix Water skin cream to each of the key meridian points (see diagram) and massaged it into each point thoroughly, 2-3 times per day. When needed, I also applied the cream 2-3 times daily to sore, tired muscles or joints, including after exercise.

After 3 months — My Personal Experience with Double Helix Water

After several months on the first regimen, I did not feel any better!

Still determined to give the Double Helix Water a fair trial, I adjusted the dose and began drinking 10 drops of Double Helix Water (in 8 oz. of distilled water), twice a day, plus I continued to use the creams. I am very glad that I did!

After increasing the dose, I have experienced a tremendous reduction in the tenderness of my acupoints, sore muscles and joints. I still have some aches but I no longer have chronic pain in my neck or shoulders. And, I went from having at least one migraine every week, to rarely having any migraines (maybe one every six months).

I stayed on this higher dose for about a year.

Today, My Maintenance on Double Helix Water

So, over the past several years, I began with 6 drops of Double Helix Water per day, then increased it to 20 drops per day. I maintained on about 12 drops per day for an additional year or so. Today as I rarely get a headache of any kind, I take Double Helix Water on as as needed basis. I continue to feel good.

I have also found it more convenient to pour the entire bottle of Double Helix Water (about 240 drops) into a gallon of distilled water (128 oz), shake well (about 100 times) and keep it on the kitchen counter out of the sunlight.  When I need it, I just pour 3 ounces of the mixture and get about 6 drops of the Double Helix Water.  (Each ounce of this mixed water has about 2 drops of DHW in it.)

It’s an easy way to incorporate Double Helix Water into my daily routine.

The difference was so dramatic for me — I can confidently share the success of my own experience on Double Helix Water.

Double Helix Water and Pets

My Dogs, Maia (R) and Zephyr (L), "Patiently" Waiting for Their Double Helix Water

In 2014, my Dogs, Maia (R) and Zephyr (L), “Patiently” Waiting for Their Double Helix Water

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist – for people. However, I am also a dog owner and have learned in my research that Double Helix Water is being used by several holistic veterinarians with dogs, cats and even racehorses.

Cases have been reported to the manufacturer that Double Helix Water has been shown to be effective for animals with autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer.

So, since I love my dogs and want them to be as healthy as possible, when my Labrador Retrievers were 12 and 9-years old, I began them on a Double Helix Water regimen too.

My older dog, Maia, was basically healthy but with aging had some arthritis settling in. My younger dog, Zephyr, had bad joints and already had surgery on one of his knees.

Anything that I could do to reduce their joint inflammation, safely increase their comfort and activity, and ward off a future knee surgery for Zephyr was worth a try.

For about two years they drank their Double Helix Water (with vigor), did very well and maintained their activity level.  Both have since passed at ripe old ages — Maia just shy of 14 years old and Zephyr at just over 15 years old.  Not exactly a scientific study, but I thought I’d share my experience with you.

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