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Boswellia & the Gut

Boswellia & the Gut

Inflamed mucosal linings of the gut and respiratory tract respond very well to the anti-inflammatory properties of boswellia.

A healthy mucosal gut lining is needed for immunological health, to absorb nutrients and deliver them to the bloodstream.

Boswellia targets the key enzyme involved in the synthesis of inflammatory compounds known as leukotrienes.  Increased concentrations of leukotrienes are associated with inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis.

Boswellia and IBD in Europe

Boswellia is used as part of an integrative medicine treatment for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in Europe.

In Germany, patients with IBD place Boswellia serrata extract among the top three most beneficial complementary alternative medicine treatments along with probiotics and acupuncture.

(Review article about boswellia’s anti-inflammatory properties and applications.)

Clinically Studied Optimized Boswellia Supplement 

BosPure is a clinically studied, standardized and purified Boswellia extract, with concentrated amounts of the anti-inflammatory AKBA boswellic acids and filtered out pro-inflammatory compounds.

Boswellia comes from the bark resin of the boswellia serrata tree.

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