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Matcha Loaf Bread made with MegaSporeBiotic

Matcha Loaf Bread made with MegaSporeBiotic

Looking for a festive, yet healthy (and easy!) recipe for a St. Patrick’s day dessert? My nutrition intern Josh shows you how to make a Matcha Loaf Bread. He added MegaSporeBiotic for the #CookMoreSpores challenge, showcasing how you can utilize this great probiotic addition to any recipe —cold or hot (up to 450ºF).

The spore form ensures that spore-based probiotics effectively colonize the gut to maintain total-body health in the following ways:
  • Support healthy immune balance and function
  • Maintain strong adhesion and colonization in the gut
  • Support a healthier gut lining
  • Support increased microbial diversity
  • Maintain a healthy balance of desirable and undesirable microbes
  • Support optimal digestion and absorption
  • Provide support for proper bowel function, gut motility, and transit time

Enjoy this 1 minute video and delicious dessert!

Note: You can easily add 1-2 capsules of MegaSporeBiotic to any warm meals, breads, and in other baked desserts. The spores are heat stable up to 450 degrees F. These probiotics have a resilient outer coat that is resistant to not only heat, but also to acids, and radiation.

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