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Microbiome is the New Health Insurance

Microbiome is the New Health Insurance

All disease begins in the gut (paraphrasing Hippocrates)…

…and a healthy microbiome is the new health insurance.

Slide from my recent presentation on the microbiome and its role in the
pathogenesis of diabetes.

We can all be healthy, wealthy and wise by supporting a diverse microbiome with key strains that build and maintain the gut barrier.

Eat more plant foods!

Fruits and vegetables, beans and lentils, roots and tubers will provide great sustanance (pre-biotics) for bacterial species that we want to “live” in our gut to help keep us healthy.

I often use Megasporebiotic probiotic to help build microbial diversity in the gut; a healthy gut microbiome helps maintain a healthy gut lining.

Consider foods with like yogurt and kefir and fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and pickles as sources of healthy microbes.

Eat animal products (like beef, chicken, eggs, dairy, etc) from animals that have not been raised with antibiotics.

Did you know that playing outdoors, getting back to nature and having pets is another way to enrich your gut microbiome?

And, only use anti-microbial wipes, cleaning supplies and soaps when absolutely necessary. Our skin has a microbiome too! It’s all connected.

Doctors are much more conservative these days about prescribing antibiotics as to not unnecessarily wipe out good bacteria.

When it comes to the gut microbiome…it’s all about the healthy competition between hundreds (thousands?) of strains of microbes. Think of diversity and balance of the gut microbiome as “health insurance.”

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