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Umbrellux DAO Now Available (120 count and 60 count) Under New Label – Histamine Digest

Umbrellux DAO Now Available (120 count and 60 count) Under New Label – Histamine Digest

Umbrellux DAO, the nutrition supplement that supports the healthy degradation of food-derived histamine, and provides relief to many, is now available under the Histamine Digest label (pictured to the left).

The formulation and pricing of Umbrellux DAO2 and Histamine Digest are exactly the same. Click link below to purchase DAO.

Click to buy UMBRELLUX DAO2 (Histamine Digest) 60 or 120 count.

Umbrellux DAO2

Original label of DAO – Umbrellux DAO2. Histamine Digest is the new brand name of the identical DAO product.

Histamine Digest (Umbrellux DAO2) is in stock now — both 60 count and 120 count.

Free shipping on both sizes within the United States.

International customers, please email me.

{Include your shipping address, how many bottles you would like to order (and size) and your phone number for customs.}

What is Histamine?
Histamine is a natural compound that is a key factor in digestion, an important neurotransmitter and an essential component of immunological protection.

Our bodies need histamine in balance. The two ways to maintain histamine balance are through histamine intake and histamine degradation and removal from the body.

How Does the Body Clear Histamines?
Your body gets rid of histamine through a chemical reaction that requires an enzyme called DAO (diamine oxidase). DAO is referred to as the histamine neutralizing enzyme. You naturally make this DAO enzyme in your intestinal mucosa cells.

However, you can have low DAO enzyme activity for many reasons, including poor gut health and inflammatory GI diseases that affect the integrity of the gut lining. (We also naturally make less DAO as we age.) The Umbrellux DAO supplement is designed to boost DAO levels in the body.

Several nutrient cofactors are also necessary to support the DAO pathway including iron, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, copper and Vitamin C.

A second pathway in the body’s tissues also degrades histamine —  HNMT – Histamine N-Methyltransferase enzyme. The B vitamins, especially Vitamins B12, Folate and Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) are essential nutrient cofactors for this pathway.

Research Shows Diamine Oxidase Supplementation Improves Symptoms in Patients with Histamine Intolerance

“All symptoms improved significantly during the [4 week] oral supplementation of DAO. During the follow-up period, without DAO supplementation, the symptoms sum scores increased again. The symptom intensity score was reduced for all symptoms. We have demonstrated, a significant reduction of every HIT-related symptom and its intensity due to DAO oral supplements.” — Read the full study.

Symptoms of Histamine Intolerance

People who have difficulty balancing histamine levels in their body or  histamine intolerance might get annoying reactions like stuffy nose, red eyes, itchy skin or hives. Other common symptoms are stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea and migraines.

The Histamine Cascade Sequence….From Mast Cells to an Out of Control Inflammatory Response

When there is a foreign intruder, the body first sends a chemical signal to a type of white blood cell called mast cells, to release histamines.

This is a natural, healthy response that signals other chemicals from your immune system to step in to do repair work. However, with histamine intolerance, the inflammatory process gets out of control.

Read more about the science behind the histamine cascade. 

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