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Yes! Histamine DAO Supplement is Here

Yes! Histamine DAO Supplement is Here

Good News! DAO is Again Available to Help Histamine Intolerance Symptoms

For the past few months, DAO, the enzyme that clears histamine in the digestive track (and without adequate amounts of it may cause uncomfortable symptoms), could not be found in the US.

The shortage really affected the quality of life for people who don’t make enough of their own DAO. Many were so grateful to finally experience the significant relief DAO gave them from symptoms like stomach pain, hives, breathing issues or headaches, after eating high histamine meals. And then it was gone.

The supply was affected largely because there’s only one company in the world which makes the active ingredient, and they hold the patent on it.

But now there’s a brand new supplement with the DAO (diamine oxidase) enzyme available in the US — Umbrellux DAO from DIEM Labs.

Calling Histamine Sufferers!

I’m trying to spread the word and let people know about the new DAO product.

I’ve made Umbrellux DAO available in my online supplement store.

On the web page you’ll also find lots of helpful info on histamine intolerance, dietary strategies and the symptoms this inflammatory compound may cause.

If you would like more information, I also counsel patients with histamine intolerance about an entire nutritional protocol to manage their histamine intolerance.


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