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About Me

Janet Zarowitz Registered Dietitian NutritionistHow I Got My Passion to Help Others Through Food and Nutrition Supplements

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (Cornell and Columbia trained) who has always been interested in herbal and botanical remedies and nutrition supplements.

But it became a passion for me when family members began experiencing symptoms and conditions like migraines, chronic aches, joint and muscle pains, irritable bowel, constipation, food intolerances, and yeast infections.

The medical doctors we went to were wonderful, screening out any serious or life-threatening conditions, providing peace of mind and providing solutions for short-term relief such as pharmaceutical prescriptions that suppress symptoms. But something was missing. The underlying root causes were not being addressed.

Feeling well every day, for the long-term, was my goal. I didn’t want to settle for less, for myself or my family, so I researched other options. I learned about new diet therapies, nutrition testing, and nutrition supplements that address underlying imbalances and at the same time, coordinate with standard medical care.

(Interestingly, many leading physicians have turned to integrative and functional medicine because traditional medicine could not answer personal and family medical issues — chronic fatigue syndrome, metal toxicity, Alzheimer’s, etc.)

With an open mind I began learning cutting edge approaches to diet and nutrition supplements and how they can help the body get back into balance, support natural healing, assist detoxification and recovery processes, reduce inflammation and break the cycle of unhealthy bodily responses.

I went to medical integrative health conferences and read the work of leading complementary and integrative medical physicians. I learned about functional medicine and energy balance. I researched professional grade supplement companies with excellent quality control.

I incorporated all this information with my academic nutrition background and was inspired to develop a new perspective.

Garnering knowledge was the first step but then I had to take what I learned and experience it for myself. I began my own first-hand trials (myself, family and friends) implementing what I had learned from experts.

It was my first-hand personal experience of beneficial results that convinced me of the powerful outcomes that dietary supplements in conjunction with diet and lifestyle changes can have in healthy support of the body.

My Journey to Advanced Training in Certified in Integrative and Functional Nutrition

I continue to advance my training and expand my depth of knowledge about Integrative Functional Nutrition adding these credentials and honors:

  • Certificate in Integrative and Functional Nutrition
  • Certified Leap Therapist  (specialized training with food sensitivities and testing)
  • Presentations at professional conferences on topics such as Nutrigenomics and Diabetes and the Gut Microbiome

All of this would not be possible, without my foundational academic degrees and licenses:

  • Cornell University (BS Nutrition)
  • Columbia University (MS Nutrition)
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • New York State Certified Dietitian Nutritionist

Sharing What I’ve Learned 

By sharing my nutrition background and personal experience I hope to be of help to others through private consultations and through education on this website.


I offer personalized Integrative Nutrition Counseling via Telehealth and at my office in Ossining, NY (Westchester County). My holistic approach to wellness uses whole-food therapies and targeted nutrition supplements for health and healing.

As a Functional Nutritionist, I address your body’s underlying imbalances with nutritional supports. I utilize information and clues that range from your history, symptoms, and health concerns, biochemistry, Nutrigenomics, environment and diet.


Offerings on this website provide information and education so you can make your own choices to meet your own personal health goals through healthful eating and dietary supplements. Before taking any new supplements, it is always best to consult with your personal physician.

I have vetted and selected a set of very high quality nutritional supplements that are known to help decrease inflammation and support basic bodily functions of everyday life — Digestion, Sleeping, Moving (without Pain), Breathing, and Maintaining a Healthy Immune and Circulatory System.

Using supplements, is based on scientific research and/or traditional cultural experiences, yet is a bit of a journey and it may take time to see how your own body responds. My work is science-based, though all people are individuals and what may help one person may not benefit another, or perhaps not to the same degree.

I believe that diet and nutrition supplements complement modern-day medicines and medical advice. A healthful solution is holistic with a healthy whole foods diet, healthy lifestyle, moderate exercise, reducing stress at its core. For many of my clients, targeted nutrition supplements are key additions to a comprehensive and successful outcome.

To learn more about “Food and Nutrition Supplements for Everyday Living,” visit my Nutrition Supplement Store.

Why Do I Think Our Bodies Need More Support “Today”?

Our bodies are being more challenged.

  • Our food supply has changed.   More plants (including animal feeds) are grown from genetically modified seeds (GMOs), more pesticides are used on plants and antibiotics in farm animals, more foods are processed with preservatives, and the soil in our farmlands is becoming more depleted in nutrients.
  • Our environment – soil, water and air – is accumulating more things… like more toxins, prescription medicines in our water supplies, heavy metals, all kinds of chemicals from manufacturing to fertilizers to household cleaning supplies.
  • Our emotional stressors are on the rise – “Life” is just more fast-paced, stressful and less physical.

Our bodies have not evolved enough to adapt (without pain or disease) to these and other changes; we are manifesting an epidemic of chronic diseases in the US and other Westernized societies like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, depression, autism and certain cancers.

The good news is that many medical doctors are responding by thinking more holistically, looking at whole body systems, nutrition, lifestyle, environment and emotional health. And more and more acknowledge the role that personalized diet, nutrition supplements, yoga, massage, chiropractic therapy, acupuncture and other complementary therapies can have in helping to address the underlying causes of disease.

Diet is the Foundation for Good Health – That Has Not Changed

When I was trained in nutrition (at Cornell and Columbia Universities), I was taught that a healthy diet would provide all the protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, etc., that our bodies need for good health, and that even a multi-vitamin was optional, and possibly a waste of money.

While I don’t believe that holds true anymore, a whole foods diet with fresh vegetables (especially lots of leafy greens), fruit, nuts, legumes, whole grains, fish, healthy fats (as well as some red meats, chicken, dairy and eggs) and little or no processed foods, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, colorings, flavorings and preservatives — is still the irrefutable foundation for nurturing our bodies.

I also believe that our bodies are “taxed” less by eating more organic and non-GMO foods, grass-fed (vs. corn-fed) beef, wild fish (vs. farm-raised) and meals cooked from scratch as much as possible. And that doing things like trading in plastic storage containers for glass ones can help remove the “load” of  potential chemicals that our bodies have to handle.

Whole foods provide nutritional value “in context,” in their natural form with thousands of complex components like antioxidants and enzymes that act synergistically. That is irreplicable and irreplaceable. However, nutrition supplements can enhance our nourishment and potentially our health.

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