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MegaSporeBiotic: 100% Bacillus Probiotic for Gut Health

MegaSporeBiotic: 100% Bacillus Probiotic for Gut Health


Probiotic and Antioxidant Combination
4 Billion Spore Cells per 2 Capsules

See ‘Suggested Use’ tab on how to use

  • Aids in digestion
  • Improves regularity
  • Helps control bacterial overgrowth
  • Detoxifies the intestinal tract
  • Reduces gut inflammation, helps heal leaky gut
  • Produces key nutrients – antioxidants, B-vitamins, Vitamin K2, Nattokinase, and CoQ10
  • Provides immune modulation for the prevention and treatment of infections, allergies and asthma

Clinically Studied

No Refrigeration, Easy for Travel
60 Capsules

Does not contain dairy, wheat, corn,rice,salt, sugar, soy, artificial colors or flavors.

Product Description

Clinically Studied Probiotic to Support Healthy Gut Microbiome, Support Digestion and Immune Function 

Increases Microbial Diversity in Gut, More Balanced Immune Response
Helps to Resolve Leaky Gut

MegaSporeBiotic Reduces Serum Triglyceride Levels, Study Shows

Probiotics Used to Treat Severe COVID-19

According to this recent editorial,”2019 Novel coronavirus infection and gastrointestinal tract,” in Journal of Digestive Diseases:

“In early February [2020], the guidance (version 5) established by the China’s National Health Commission and National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine recommended that in the treatment of patients with severe COVID‐19 infection, probiotics may be used to maintain the balance of intestinal microecology and prevent secondary bacterial infection.

Read more.

Foundational Gut Nutrition


Our ancestors had a diet brimming with nutrients and beneficial species of live bacteria because they lived off the land. These species of live bacteria evolved into an essential component of our digestive system known as probiotics. Probiotics regulate the digestive system , improve immune function and serve as the first line of defense against infections.

MegaSporeBiotic™ is a proprietary probiotic blend of 5 clinically studied pharmaceutical grade probiotic bacillus strains that also occur naturally in our environment.

Unlike most other probiotics, bacillus probiotic spores in MegaSporeBiotic thrive
 in the gut and survive the acid in our stomachs when taken orally. When they arrive lower down in the gut, they are able to do their job.

MegaSporeBiotic probiotics also produce key nutrients  — B-vitamins, Vitamin K2, Nattokinase, and CoQ10, and antioxidants like lycopene, astaxanthin, zeaxanthin, beta carotene and lutein, right in your digestive tract.

One of the most profound effects of these MegaSporeBiotic bacillus is their ability to “police” the GI, reduce inflammation of the gut lining, aid digestion and modulate the immune system.

MegaSporeBiotic helps facilitate and support the growth of the “good guys” that are under-populated and can reduce the numbers of the bacterium that are overgrown. It creates a modulating effect on the microbiota, which has many health benefits.

Scientists are learning more and more about the importance of a healthy and balanced gut microbiome. For example, the gut bacteria actually send signals to our immune system, acting as the “General” of the immune system that protects you from infection.

Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal

MegaSporeBiotic is different from most probiotics on the market.

The most frequently used probiotic strains are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacter. They are naturally occurring bacteria in the intestinal tract, but they are not designed to exist and thrive outside of the gut and are thus destroyed by the stomach acid and bile salts when supplemented orally.

Oral supplementation of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacter does not change the composition of bacteria in your digestive tract and does not achieve the desired immune stimulation. Recent studies have shown that they are ineffective at boosting the immune system, 70% of which is in the digestive tract.

Health in general starts in the gut.
Hippocrates said it in 400 B.C. and since then modern science has proven it. Any immune dysfunction (auto-immune, allergies, food sensitivities, rashes, psoriasis, eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc.) can be traced back to a dysfunction in the GI. Any inflammatory condition can as well.

A healthy body starts with a healthy gut, and too many people are unhealthy because of an unhealthy gut. It’s easy to think of the skin as the body’s barrier to the outside world, but so is the gut.

The gut allows us to interact with the environment (which includes food), taking in what is necessary and beneficial and keeping out (hopefully) what might be unnecessary or harmful.

Now, modern science has shown us that weight control, mood, depression and other mental disorders are also connected to the gut (the second brain). Even chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. can be traced back to the gut.

Everything starts in the GI.

MegaSporeBiotic is a key component of a program to restore a healthy gut.

You can schedule an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Consultation for your personalized plan.

Made by Microbiome Labs.

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Ingredients of MegaSporeBiotic


MegaSporeBiotic contains 4 billion spore cells of a proprietary probiotic blend of 5 pharmaceutical grade strains. Each has a unique function and contributes to the overall effectiveness of the product.

Bacillus indicus HU36™

Bacillus subtilis HU58™

Bacillus coagulans

Bacillus licheniformis

Bacillus clausii

Other Ingredients: Pharmaceutical grade cellulose, vegetable capsule (cellulose and water).

The strains in MegaSporeBiotic can range in color from White/Yellow in appearance to Black/Gray-ish in color. When mixed together, capsules can contain black flecks or a yellow hue. MegaSporeBiotic is a pure fermentation extract and with nature there is no color uniformity. It is completely natural and color variation is quite common from batch to batch. Our product is routinely tested a minimum of four (4) times before it reaches the end consumer. MegaSporeBiotic is a pure fermentation extract and with nature there is no color uniformity.

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Suggested Use and Guidelines

When You Start Using MegaSporeBiotic

The manufacturer recommends starting out slowly in taking MegaSporeBiotic to avoid any GI discomfort such as gas, bloating or diarrhea. Take with food or high after a meal. Always consult your healthcare provider.

Typical dosage for adults and children over 10 years of age:
Week 1: 1 capsule after/with a meal, every other day
Week 2: 1 capsule every day after/with a meal;
Week 3: Standard dosage of 2 capsules per day, at the same time, after/with a meal.

Thereafter: Standard dosage (2 capsules/day) or as instructed by your health care provider.

It’s best to take with a meal since food helps the spores move from their dormant to their active form in the GI. There are tremendous immune benefits if the spores are made to germinate in the upper GI itself and so taking just after a meal (10-20 mins after) is ideal.

Regarding Individuals with SIBO, Candida, Major Digestive Issues

Sensitive individuals may require a smaller dose, taken every other day at first, increasing very slowly.

The manufacturer reports numerous cases of candidiasis that have seen great benefit from MegaSporeBiotic. (Can be some strange looking BM for a period of time as the yeast leaves the system.)

Some individuals can experience some digestive discomfort initially due to changes in gut bacteria. Individuals with SIBO, Candida, and major digestive issues are highly advised to consult with a health practitioner for education on proper dose protocol. This may include starting at a 1/4- 1/2 capsule dose every other day (or even less) and slowly titrating up to a full dose of 2 capsules over a long period of time.  Going too fast may result in some intestinal cramping or loose stools. Decreasing dose eliminates any uncomfortable symptoms. Some people try tiny amounts, sprinkled on food.

The capsules can be pulled apart and the contents mixed into nearly any food or drink. It is temperature stable, so it can even be mixed into hot tea, coffee or soup. There is no real taste impact of the powder.

If discomfort persists after the first dose, discontinue use, and seek instructions from your health care provider.

Getting to the Full Dose

According to the manufacturer, it takes about 21 days to reach a steady state concentration (and have an effect on regulating the GI).

It’s also important to consume a diet low in refined sugars and higher in fibers to facilitate the growth of the individual’s own good bacteria. The spores can also increase the growth of the good bacteria.

Between the spores being present and the improved diet, the individual will go into a state where they have the right microbiota balance.

If you stop taking the MegaSporeBiotic (remove the spores) then the balance can be tipped, back towards Dysbiosis. The regular use of the spores is a very important maintenance practice, however you may be able to decrease dose once a healthy gut microbiome has been established.

Pregnant or Nursing

If you are pregnant or nursing, taking any medication, have a medical condition, consult your doctor before using this product. This is particularly important if the pregnant or nursing mother has inflammatory conditions or candida.

Dogs and Cats

The strains in MegaSporeBiotic are universal probiotics and are used in all types of animals and livestock throughout the world, including marine life. It can be used for dogs and cats. Take one capsule, pull it apart and sprinkle it on their food. Intuitively use partial capsule for smaller sized pets.

Storage: Keep tightly closed in cool, dry place.

Made by Microbiome Labs.

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Bacillus Indicus HU36
The first carotenoid rich probiotic strain offered to the dietary supplement market. An isolate from humans, Indicus HU36 produces high levels of powerful carotenoids (antioxidants) at the site of absorption making it very bioavailable.

Bacillus Clausii
This strain is the largest selling strain of prescription probiotic in the world and for the first time available as a dietary supplement in the U.S. Bacillus Clausii is recommended for use during antibiotic treatment due to its ability to resist damage from a variety of common antibiotics, thereby able to keep organisms balanced in the gut during antibiotic treatment.

Bacillus clausii has been used as a prescription treatment for SIBO for a number of years. It can be very effective in patients suffering with SIBO.

Bacillus Subtilis HU58
Bacillus Subtilis is able to produce nearly 12 strong antibiotics that are potent fighters of opportunistic and harmful bacteria. In addition, HU58 produces a very healthy compound called Nattokinase; Nattokinase has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and reduce excessive clotting by fibrinolysis. Along with Nattokinase, Bacillus subtilis also produces a number of other nutrients that have systemic health benefits such as B vitamins and Vitamin K2. In addition, HU58 offers the effect of broad-spectrum immune stimulation.

Bacillus Licheniformis
A probiotic often found with Bacillus subtilis and other bacillus species, licheniformis has been shown to have a potent effect of preventing the growth of harmful bacteria via the production of a common antibiotic called bacitracin. It is also a potent immune stimulator.

Another very important feature of bacillus licheniformis is its ability to produce highly effective and stable protease enzymes in the gut that assist in the digestion and absorption of proteins. Lastly, licheniformis also produces the whole spectrum of B vitamins in the gut including folic acid and biotin and acts as an important nutrient factory in the digestive system.

Bacillus Coagulans
Has a profound effect on inflammatory conditions such as IBS, Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. Bacillus coagulans helps controll these common inflammatory bowel conditions in addition to its potent immune boosting activity. Coagulans has the unique attribute of producing lactic acid and specifically the L+ optical isomer of lactic acid, which has been shown to have a more profound effect on immune stimulation and gut defense than the other forms of lactic acid produced by conventional probiotics.

Coagulans is also a tremendous gut colonizer and thus assures proper colonization which in turn will produce the beneficial effects required. Coagulans also plays a key role in digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. In fact, Coagulans can digest incoming fat to reduce the uptake of cholesterol.

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