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Complementary Cancer Treatments – Mushroom & Plant Compounds

Complementary Cancer Treatments – Mushroom & Plant Compounds

Medicinal plants and fungi, and their derivative compounds, are being increasingly recognized as useful complementary treatments for cancer.

Promising Adjunct therapy to Traditional Cancer Treatments

For example, Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) medicinal mushrooms have shown positive results as a complementary cancer treatment.

In fact, in Asia, there’s an approved anti-cancer drug (PSK, Krestin) that’s made from an extract of Turkey Tail mushrooms.

In addition, a multi-year study of breast cancer patients (NIH funded) demonstrated that Turkey Tail mushrooms improved immune systems following radiation treatments.

One Man’s Story About His Mother

An individual’s personal experience also lends support to this evidence-based research.

In this brief TED Talk video, Paul Stamets shares how his mother’s therapy to treat and beat stage 4 breast cancer included Turkey Tail mushrooms.

More Information from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Website

If you want to learn more about Turkey Tail and other compounds used for prevention and treatment of cancer, visit the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center website. 

Medicinal Mushrooms – Additional Resources

One of my favorite references MycoMedicinals: An Informational Treatise on Mushrooms, by Paul Stamets.

Host Defense Turkey Tail is offered in my online store.

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