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Berry Layered Overnight Oats with MegaSporeBiotic – Great for Gut Health

Berry Layered Overnight Oats with MegaSporeBiotic – Great for Gut Health

Looking for creative ways to incorporate healthy probiotics into your diet without taking capsules?

Here is a recipe video created by my intern Josh for Berry Layered Overnight Oats, a microbiome-friendly recipe. In this recipe, which part of  the #CookMoreSpores challenge, he added two capsules of MegaSporebiotic. You can add this probiotic to any cold recipe. (And by the way, the spores are also heat stable up to 450 degrees if you want to use them in cooked recipes!)

The spores in MegaSporeBiotic have a resilient outer coat of armor that is resistant to extreme heat, acidity, radiation, and chemicals. The spore form ensures that spore-based probiotics effectively colonize the gut to maintain total-body health in countless ways. MegaSporeBiotic can help your body:

  • Support healthy immune balance and function
  • Maintain strong adhesion and colonization in the gut
  • Support a healthier gut lining
  • Support increased microbial diversity
  • Maintain a healthy balance of desirable and undesirable microbes
  • Support optimal digestion and absorption
  • Provide support for proper bowel function, gut motility, and transit time

This 1 minute cooking video will show you just how easy it is to make a delicious overnight oats recipe that supports a healthy and diverse gut microbiome! Great gut health and great breakfast…great way to start your day!






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