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Functional Nutritionist Addresses The Body’s Underlying Imbalances

Functional Nutritionist Addresses The Body’s Underlying Imbalances

It’s often difficult for patients to fully grasp how my work as a Functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist differs from more traditional Registered Dietitian Nutritionists!

So I asked my daughter Jessica to design an original an image for me that I could use to communicate how I use functional nutrition to address each person’s underlying root causes (as opposed to masking or managing their symptoms).

She designed this representative yet playful Functional Nutrition Tree, showing roots below the surface and symptoms and diseases above the surface.

Through functional nutrition, I approach each patient by focusing on his or her unique underlying imbalances, whether they be inflammation, gut dysbiosis, poor detoxification, or low nutrient status, to name a few.

Finding the roots of the problem and providing nutritional support, allows the body to rebalance itself and heal, resolving or improving symptoms and diseases.

I use a variety of nutritional strategies from biochemistry to nutrigenomics, diet therapies, targeted supplements, lifestyle options and more.

So, I’ll ask you what I ask my clients, “When Was the Last Time You Truly Felt Well?

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Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition Tree 

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