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New: International Shipping of Umbrellux DAO!

New: International Shipping of Umbrellux DAO!

I get emails from people in Canada, England, Australia, countries in Central and South America and even Singapore.

The Internet has no boundaries, but there are limitations on being able to ship nutrition supplements to other countries. Each country has their own customs regulations.

That’s why I’m so excited that I am now able to ship the histamine degrading enzyme supplement, Umbrellux DAO, internationally. DAO (diamine oxidase) can help resolve symptoms of people with excessive production and release of histamine. DAO is the natural enzyme that metabolizes histamine in the gut.

Contact me if you want to order Umbrellux DAO and have shipped internationally. 

Click here if you want to ship Umbrellux DAO within the United States.

What Is Histamine?

Your body has naturally produces histamine – a natural inflammatory compound, beneficial to the body in balanced amounts. Balance is the key word here … too much histamine in your system may create uncomfortable symptoms like stomach nausea, diarrhea, skin flushing, runny nose, etc.

People with histamine intolerance have an excessive release of histamine and not enough capacity to fully metabolize and degrade histamine.

Therefore their body gets overwhelmed.

The natural counterbalance to histamine is the DAO enzyme.

A Functional Approach to Histamine Intolerance

I have many clients who use Umbrellux-DAO enzyme supplement in addition to a reduced histamine diet, to manage their histamine intolerance and symptoms, particularly GI distress.

As a functional nutritionist a key strategy to managing histamine intolerance is to rebalance gut health. Poor gut health is an underlying precondition of allergic responses and histamine intolerance.

The diagram below illustrates how histamine intolerance is a systemic condition and affects the entire body.

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