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Microbiome + Metabolic Reprogramming

Microbiome + Metabolic Reprogramming

Why do some of your friends or family members seem to eat virtually anything and not gain weight?

Why do others eat more healthfully and struggle with unwanted weight gain?

This paper from Microbiome Labs, reveals recent scientific discoveries to shed some new light on this matter! 

First of all….the Myth. 

We typically credit being lean to an individual just being lucky to be born with a high metabolism.

But there’s more to it. According to the latest research, “as it turns out, our gut bacteria and the type of species we have in our digestive tract, play a critical role in determine if we are going to be lean or obese.”

“The latest research has shown that the type of bacteria you have in your gut controls the amount of calories you extract from the food you eat, the types of food you crave and also what food is converted to in the digestive process.

Foods consumed, especially carbohydrates, can be converted to compounds that lead to insulin resistance, fat storage, gas production and metabolites that cause inflammation.”

Let’s look at the Good News.

This presents the opportunity to support the right bacteria in your gut for a better health — to increase insulin sensitivity, increase fat burn, prevent fat storage, reduce inflammation, reduce gas production and improve satiety.

In essence, we can reprogram our metabolism by supporting the ratio of different strains of bacteria in the gut.

But how?

Number One. This means both consuming foods that are high in fiber AND eating few simple carbohydrates and sugars. But you have to do both — eat more fiber and only minimal amounts of simple carbohydrates and sugars to be effective. Why? This combination supports your gut bacteria to produce “fat busting compounds” known as short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s). Just eating a high fiber diet alone doesn’t achieve this. Neither does just keeping your simple carbohydrates low, such as on a Paleo diet.

Number Two. The second important microbial technique is to get the right probiotics in your system, with meals. For example, MegasporeBiotic probiotics is formulated with a unique combination of probiotic bacteria that have been shown to convert fibers in the diet to the much desired SCFA’s which control the metabolic process.

It’s complicated, but if you want more tips and detailed science, read the full Metabolic Reprogramming paper by Microbiome Labs.

You can also check out the MegaSporebiotic product as well as the Total Gut Restoration protocol (which includes MegaMucosa and MegaPreBiotic.)

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