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Unwrapping DNA With Nutritional Biochemistry!

Unwrapping DNA With Nutritional Biochemistry!

Nutritional Biochemistry and Genomics…

One of the ways that I help clients with supporting their health is by looking at their unique genomic blueprint and designing nutrition programs as they relate to biochemical pathways.

Do-it-yourself genetic kits like 23andme and are now affordable and more and more people are taking advantage of learning about their own genes.

While it’s based on science, there’s also an “art” to studying the impact of genes on health. A critical piece of the puzzle is whether or not a gene is expressed (epigenetics). So when I try to figure out why a client is not feeling well, I look at their genes as well as clues of their expression, such as clinical manifestations, symptoms, lab results, diet, medications, health history, environmental factors, triggering events and more.

Genes Impact Nutritional Requirements; Food “Talks” to Genes

Genes affect a person’s ability to utilize vitamins and minerals, so their requirements may be greater than the “average” person. 

The constituents in foods that people eat provide information to genes and genes in turn respond to them. There’s an intricate conversation of sorts between genes and food, which affects health and can be understood through biochemistry.  

My understanding of the interaction between genes, nutrients and biochemistry gives me a unique way to personalize nutrition for my clients.


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