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Umbrellux DAO2 Helps Clear Mosquito Bite Itching, Relieves Symptoms

Umbrellux DAO2 Helps Clear Mosquito Bite Itching, Relieves Symptoms

Mosquitos love me. If you want to avoid getting bitten by a mosquito, just sit next to me at a barbecue:)

Recently I made the discovery that Umbrellux DAO2, one of the key histamine clearing enzymes (Diamine Oxidase), helps clear the itching and resolves the puffy bumps from my mosquito bites much more quickly.

Here’s what happened: I got bitten by mosquitos, started to itch and the swelling presented. After being quite uncomfortable for a day or so, I took an Umbrellux DAO2 supplement. By the next day, my reaction to the mosquito bites had resolved to the point of no longer thinking about them.

I’ve repeated this as needed process several times and gotten the same results. On one occasion I took a second Umbrellux DAO2.

I work with many patients with an overactive histamine response. Several of them have also used Umbrellux DAO2 which has helped resolve their bug bites more quickly.

It’s great to make this new discovery. But hopefully I won’t get poison ivy….I really don’t want to do another experiment.


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